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Gabby 119785
Female, 7 yrs, Adult $99
DSH - Brindle

Pursonality traits

I am Gabby
That is me!
Confident but affectionate…you will see
Curiosity is my middle name
And I’ll let you stroke my tiny mane
Follow you whenever you go
And come when called, I’ll let you know…
If there is something I don’t like
I might just give a little swipe…
But then I’m back to being me
Sweet Gabby, as long as you let me be…

As an older feline, I know exactly what I do and don’t want…
I enjoy your company & will snuggle up with you on the couch at night but then I also like to explore my surroundings during the day & be let alone to do my own thing.
Secretly I long to get outside and stare out the windows, wondering what further adventures I could get up to in the wider world. 
I just can’t understand why you won’t open that window or door for me!
I would like to be in a home without other animals & only older children please.
Noise doesn’t bother me & my owners can have the TV and music playing at the same time…I’m chill about that…as long as it’s not too loud.
BTW I also like to sharpen my claws on my Bunnings coir mat…that’s kinda fun.
A forever home would be really nice at this point as I’d love to finally settle down, purring next to you.

Come meet me in my foster home located in Treeby.

Gabby has mild dental tartar and associated gum changes. This is very common in mature cats. There are several measures you can take to reduce tartar build up and keep your new cat’s mouth healthy.


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