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Bullet 158876
Male, 4 yrs, Adult - $99
DSH Ticked Tabby & White

Pursonality traits

Hi take a look at how handsome I am, how can you resist me. I have a few little quirks that maybe you should know, but don't hold that against me, it just makes me extra special.

I can be a bit of a stress head, all those strange noises can be pretty scary so sometimes if I am really upset get a little bit sick, but you cannot blame me, you never know what monster is hiding in the shadows. I like to have a special place that I can run to, hence my name Bullet, faster than a speeding train to my hidey hole of safety.

I am really very gentle even if I do say so myself, I do not have a mean bone in my body which is why I may be a bit sookie as I just want someone to cuddle me. I am afraid of too many people being around so I would really love to be in a quiet home, (just a hint I am a bit afraid of men, but maybe swayed with time) with a lovely older lady or a couple that would be patient with my sudden flights to hide. I will pay you back with lots of cuddles and smooches and even maybe could be in your bed as a hot water bottle. I find kids a bit too loud so would really like to avoid meeting them if possible, not that I would hurt them as I am super gentle, but I get too anxious around them.

When I get a bit braver I love to follow you around and keep you company. I need to be kept inside as my nose needs to keep safe (cannot spoil the good looks) though a cat enclosure would be great for some fresh air time. I would be okay with another pussy mate, if they are kind, still deciding if I will tolerate a dog, they are a bit scary looking. I'm an all-round special guy, looking for my special person,

A cardiac arrhythmia is an abnormality in a cat’s heartbeat. It can be associated with the rate (too fast or too slow), an irregularity in the heartbeat pattern, or a problem in the location where electrical signals are formed in the heart. Some arrhythmias may be harmless and don’t require treatment, while others can be serious and life threatening. Bullet also has a heart murmur. The murmur has been assessed by Cat Haven veterinary staff as mild (grade three or less) and not likely to cause any adverse effects on his health. If you would like to discuss this further with one of Cat Haven’s veterinarians please ask one of our grounds staff to assist you in booking a consultation.

Bullet has previously had an episode of lower urinary tract disease, a condition which may result in urinary obstruction.  He has also recovered from calicivirus, which is a type of cat flu. Whilst he has recovered from calicivirus, it is possible that secondary infections such as gingivitis and stomatitis (inflammation in the mouth) can occur. For this reason, it is important that you monitor his oral health and get his teeth checked regularly by your primary care veterinarian. 

He also has a condition called epiphora, sometimes known as blocked tear ducts. Blocked tear ducts can cause the under or over production of tears, and can predispose your cat to eye infections. Therefore he may require intermittent treatment throughout his life.

Cat Haven does not take any responsibility for any subsequent conditions or issues that may develop in the future as a result of these conditions.


Want to adopt me?

To meet me in foster care please contact our foster care department on:

Phone: 9442 3633

The foster carer will then be in touch to discuss this further and arrange a meeting. If after leaving your details you have not heard from anyone after 48 hours, please let us know. Once you’ve decided to give a foster cat or kitten a furrever home you’ll need to come to Cat Haven in person to complete the adoption paperwork before taking them home. We can’t wait to hear from you!