Adopt a Homeless Cat or Kitten from Cat Haven


Feghoot, Female

Feghoot is in foster care.

Conan, Male

Conan is in foster care.

Rusty, Male

Rusty is at the shelter.

Bernie, Male

Bernie is at the shelter.
Belle3 v2

Belle, Female

Belle is in foster care.
Hashbrown website

Hashbrown, Female

Hashbrown is in foster care.
Lennox website

Lennox, Male

Lennox is in foster care.

Paddy, Male

Paddy is in foster care.
Silverfox website

Silverfox, Female

Silverfox is in foster care.
Kelsi Collage

Kelsi, Female

Kelsi is in foster care.

Sven, Male

Sven is in foster care.
Blake Oldfield website

Blake Oldfield, Male

Blake Oldfield is in foster care.


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**PLEASE NOTE: When you adopt a cat from us, you must transport it home in a secure cat carrier.

Kittens Between 8 Weeks and 5 Months Old Kitten Package $250. 00 each 2 Kitten Package $250.

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