Boarding Kennel Services and Information

Each cat or family has their own spacious kennel, and have access to our main areas should they choose. These main areas contain scratch posts, toys, cat grass/catnip/cat mint. We have limited kennels with outdoor access and these are perfect for the energetic cats and cats who enjoy lounging in patches of sun or listening to the birds. The facility is heated in winter and cooled in summer to keep our kitties as comfortable as possible.  

Please click this link for our video of our boarding kennels:

Other Extra Services Available For Your Cat - Please Enquire About Costs and Book In Advance

All our boarders get love, hugs and brushing for free. You just need to let us know their preference when you drop your cat off and then you can relax and be assured that your cat is being well cared for.

We also offer additional services for a fee such as: 

- Nail Clipping

- Flea & Worm Treatment

- Booster Vaccinations

Call our friendly Boarding staff on (08) 9442 3600 or email for more details. 

Cat Haven Boarding Customer Testimonial

"Thank you - yet again, for taking such good care of my favourite furry friends...
It's always a good sign when I turn up to collect them that they ignore me - in other words "Oh - you're back" with no enthusiasm whatsoever! So comforting to know they are so well cared for. It's always so hard to leave them, especially Jack with his spoilt boy temperament and need for medication - you are making it easier!
You and your team in Boarding provide an excellent service Bronwyn - as you are aware I have been boarding my cats for quite some years now, and you are carrying on the comforting style that has been improved over the years.Thanks again - very grateful." Joan, Northbridge WA