Stray Cat on my Property

Each council has its own local laws regarding the removal of stray cats. If your council does not have cat laws, Cat Haven has developed a number of guidelines to be met before we can accept any stray cat. This is essential to ensure that stray cats are indeed homeless and not just visiting from a nearby household.

  1. You should check with neighbours within a 10-house radius.
  2. You should call at least three local vet clinics to place a found report and to check their lost reports.
  3. You should place at least five posters up on noticeboards and at shopping centres with a description of the cat and a contact number.

If you have followed all these guidelines and are still unable to find an owner, you can bring the cat to Cat Haven (opening hours below). Please complete the Stray Cat Surrender Form and bring it in to Cat Haven with the cat.

Click here for more information on surrendering your cat.

How do I catch a stray cat?

If you are unable to catch the cat by hand, please call your local council and they are will organise to pick up the cat or contact our Ranger Service.

Alternatively, you can contact a reputable pest control company who bring their trapped cats into Cat Haven for assessment.

What is the safest way to set and transport traps?

The safest way to trap a cat is to use an experienced organisation such as Cat Haven or a pest control company but if you do choose to trap on your own, please make prior arrangements to bring the cat to Cat Haven as soon as possible and follow the guidelines below. If you use the services of the Cat Haven Ranger, there is a small service charge, which will be advised to you at the timing of booking.

Several days prior, start feeding the cat where you intend to set the trap. It will be far more likely to enter the trap if it has been fed there previously.

Set the trap according to the instructions you were given when you hired it. Make sure it is stable and will not tip over, that is set under shelter, out of rain and sun, and out of public view. Please also avoid setting traps in extreme weather conditions.

It is an extremely traumatic experience for a cat to be trapped, and it is essential it is covered for the entire time it is in the trap. When setting the trap, place an old sheet or towel over the back half. As soon as you know that the cat has entered the trap, cover the trap completely.

You will need to check the trap every couple of hours during the day and in the morning if set overnight. Don’t leave a cat in a trap for too long. As soon as you are aware a cat is in it, your must immediately bring it into Cat Haven.

When transporting the cat to us please ensure that it remains covered the entire time, even when transporting from your vehicle into Cat Haven. And please, do not transport the trapped cat in the tray of a utility or the boot of a vehicle. It will feel far more secure travelling in the passenger section of your vehicle.

Cat Haven DOES NOT recommend trapping unless you have the necessary qualifications.