Are you considering surrendering your cat because of behavioural issues?

Behavioural issues are one of the most common reasons people may surrender their cat to Cat Haven for rehoming. Fortunately many behaviour problems can be easily treated. Problems such as inappropriate toileting and spraying, inability to get along with other household pets, scratching the furniture and aggression are often amenable to treatment, which may be a combination of retraining, pheromones and sometimes medications.

What should you do first before surrendering?

Many behavioural problems have an underlying physical cause. Have you taken your cat to a vet for a physical examination? Sometimes issues such as inappropriate urination around the house may be due to bladder or kidney problems which may be easily treated. Nocturnal activity may be related to an overactive thyroid. There may be an easily remedied reason for your cat’s unusual behaviour. All cats that have behavioural problems should have an examination and preferably a blood and urine test before they are surrendered.

Have you talked to a vet about your cat’s behaviour problems?

Your local vet is likely to have quite a lot of experience in dealing with behavioural problems and will know your cat. It is very likely that your vet will be able to suggest some methods that will help you and your cat.

Have you considered speaking to an animal behaviourist?

There are a number of vets in Perth who have advanced training in the treatment of animal behaviour problems. Your usual vet may refer you to them or you can obtain a list from the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board. Their skill and expertise may help you avoid having to surrender your cat.

Have you tried Feliway®?

Feliway is a synthetic version of a pheromone produced by the mother cat that kittens are exposed to early in their life, the Feline Appeasement Pheromone. This pheromone has a calming effect on many cats. It is available as a spray or a plug-in diffuser. It can be a very useful tool in helping cats with behavioural problems due to unidentified stress. You should at least try Feliway for a month before surrendering your cat.