Before surrendering a cat to Cat Haven

If you are unable to continue to care for your cat, Cat Haven will take it from you.

Unfortunately, because of the number of cats we receive and the lack of available space, we will try everything possible to rehome your cat but we cannot guarantee your cat a new home. For this reason we would encourage you to use Cat Haven as a last resort.

Cat Haven is an 'open admission' shelter which means that we will take in any cat, no matter how old, sick or feral. It is our goal to try to rehome as many unwanted or stray cats as soon as possible but we also will try to offer as much help and support to you to assist you to keep your cat at home wherever possible.

Before surrendering a cat to Cat Haven please try the following options.

  1. Friends and family - including circulating an email flyer, if possible, asking friends and family to take the cat themselves or to forward the flyer on to their contacts.
  2. RSPCA - they have a ‘no euthanasia’ policy but there is a waiting list.
  3. Vet clinics - some vet clinics have adoption centres. It is best to ring around to see if any clinics would be in a position to look after your cat.
  4. Rental - Are you surrendering your cat due to the fact that your rental property does not allow cats?You can check out They offer a listing of rental properties that allow pets.