Cat Haven Rescues More Cats in 2017 than in the Previous Seven Years

19 February 2018

Date: 15 Feb 2018

Cat Haven has rescued 1865 more cats in the last year than they have in the previous seven years – an increase of 22%, that is putting great strain on its meagre resources.

The shelter took in a whopping 8436 cats in 2017 as opposed to 6571 cats in 2016, but they managed to find homes for 13% more with a seven year record adoption figure of 6438 cats. They also managed to keep their euthanasia rate down to a very low 12.5%.

“The number of cats coming in from Council Rangers across the metro area is the same as last year, indicating that the Cat Laws are holding steady. Much of the increase is due to ‘owner surrenders’ with 1000 more cats being handed in 2017 and our funds are stretched to the limit – we desperately more Government or corporate assistance or we simply can’t carry on.” Cat Haven Marketing Manager Chandra Woodley said.

“We had a massive intake of surrendered cats and kittens last year and the ongoing cost is hard for us to bear. Our staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard throughout the whole year to find homes for as many cats as possible and we have increased our pet store adoptions, our foster care program and developed systems to reduce the number of cats we put to sleep each year. We never put a healthy, re-homeable cat to sleep and we don’t want to do this simply due to lack of funds.” Cat Haven Marketing Manager Chandra Woodley said.

Most of the annual intake are abandoned stray cats (3852) but Cat Haven attributes some of the increase to them accepting nearly 1000 cats from other regional animal rescue groups such as SAFE, with cats coming in from as far north as Karratha to Esperance in the south, showing that this is a statewide problem.

“Of the thousands of ‘owned cats’ surrendered to Cat Haven in person, the main reason given by well over 900 people is economic hardship or moving interstate or overseas. There is doubling of the figures of those who are homeless and can no longer keep a cat and an increase in the number of people forced to give up their cat due to moving to a place where pets aren’t allowed like nursing homes or some apartments, which is very distressing for them.” Chandra said.

Since the Cat Act came into effect in WA in 2013, it is law that all cats over 6 months old must be sterilized, microchipped and registered with the local Council. Cat Haven will push for a reinforcement of the law with a public awareness campaign by local Government, subsidized cat sterilization and a moratorium on cat registrations to try to reinvigorate the Cat Act and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Cat Haven offers discounted sterilization and microchipping to pension and health care card holders. Anyone who wants to know more about cat sterilization and microchipping, adopting or fostering a cat, or donating to Cat Haven can contact the shelter on 9442 3600 or online at


For all media enquiries contact Chandra Woodley 0412 115 937 or email

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