Cat With No Eyelids Handed In To Cat Haven

26 August 2015

Imagine having eyelashes but no eyelids – every time you blink your eyelashes scratch over your eyes until they are raw and incredibly painful.

‘Tiger’ is a nine month old kitten who was handed in to Cat Haven as a stray when he was only a few weeks old. He had no upper eyelids and urgently needed an operation to create some. After a fundraising appeal, Cat Haven was able to raise the $1000 needed for the operation, and Tiger now has his eyelids and clear, comfortable eyes. However the same cannot be said for many of the ‘special needs cats’ who are handed into Cat Haven every year.

“Tiger is the most adorable cuddly tabby cat but he was in constant discomfort due to being born with no upper eyelids. He’s now a very big, happy nine month old, and since his operation he’s been doing really well, with no squinting or watery eyes as they’re not being irritated by fur anymore. You can’t even tell he had a problem.” Foster Carers Heather and Scott said

“He is ready for adoption now and he is the friendliest, craziest cat we have ever fostered, and we have fostered over 25 cats in our time. He’s playful and really good with strangers, so he would suit any household no matter how busy.” Scott said.

Cat Haven takes in over 6000 stray and unwanted cats every year, and some of these cats are in very poor condition, sick or old, injured or abused. Cat Haven has an in-house vet to treat cats with special needs but as a charity, they often struggle for funding and being committed to Getting to Zero Euthanasia where they no longer put healthy cats to sleep, they are often full at the shelter.

“These types of operations cost Cat Haven over $1000 per cat plus ongoing foster care until they are recuperated, and we currently have three cats with this condition in our care. Many cats like Tiger come to Cat Haven each year in need of vet help and a lot of loving care, so we rely heavily on donations to be able to continue to rescue, treat and care for them.” Chandra Woodley, Cat Haven Marketing Officer said.

Currently there are 160 cats at the shelter and 300 in foster care, with a variety of injuries and illnesses such as leg fractures that require treatment or amputation, hip displacement, a ruptured eye possibly caused by a car accident, cats in poor condition riddled with fleas, parasites or ringworm.

“Some of our Special Needs cats who are over 7 years old, once adopted, have their future treatment costs completely covered for life by a generous benefactor, and these cats often make the most loving companions, so there is no reason to fear taking one home! If you can’t take a furry friend home permanently, we are always looking for temporary foster carers to give them some respite and donations are crucial.” Chandra Woodley said.

Anyone who wants to adopt Tiger or any of the other long-term or special needs cats at Cat Haven can contact them on 9442 3600 or visit

For all media enquiries contact Chandra Woodley on 0412 115 937 or email


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