Christmas Eve Kittens Dumped in a Box Outside Cat Haven

7 January 2016

Date: 29 December 2015

Room at the Inn – Christmas Eve - Mother and Ten Kittens Dumped in a Box at Cat Haven

Ten hot and hungry kittens have been found along with their mother, dumped on Cat Haven’s doorstep in a cardboard box on Christmas Eve.

The mother cat had chewed her way out of the cardboard box and was waiting patiently at the door with her babies, greeting Cat Haven staff when they came to work on the morning of Christmas Eve. Cat Haven staff have named the mother Mary and all the kittens are called Joseph, JC, Frankie, Murr, Goldie, and Beth etc in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

“We think there may have been another mother cat as the kittens are slightly different ages and there are just too many kittens for one mum cat to feed, so they were pretty hungry when we found them. Sadly, they were dumped on the doorstep in a box rather than in the amnesty cages at our door where there is shade, food and water ready – it was just too hot for them without water. But they are being looked after at Cat Haven and their health is being monitored, and they will hopefully be adopted out quickly when they are old enough.” Chandra Woodley, Cat Haven’s Marketing Officer said.

“Sadly at this time of year, the height of kitten season, many poor mother cats and kittens are dumped all over the Perth metro area, in parks, industrial areas, laneways etc and they nearly all end up at our shelter. Cat Haven is very full even now, with over 330 cats on site and another 500 cats and kittens in foster care that will be returning to Cat Haven soon.” Chandra Woodley, Marketing Officer at Cat Haven said.

“We are urgently calling for temporary foster carers who can take on some kittens for just a month or so, to look after them until they’re old enough for adoption, or adult cats to give them a break from the shelter. Anyone can be a foster carer – you just need to provide a room and Cat Haven provides all the cat food and cat litter. We particularly need special foster carers who can look after kittens with flu and ringworm as we currently have too many special care kittens at the shelter. ” Chandra said.

“Often older cats are overlooked at this time of year as kittens are so very appealing and even the most adorable adult cats are left at Cat Haven in their pens for far too long, getting depressed and frustrated so we are encouraging people to come and see some of our teenagers and older cats for adoption too.” She said.

Cat Haven ‘Golden Oldies’ (cats over 7 years) are available for just the cost of a donation. All kitten and adult adoption packages include sterilisation, microchipping and vaccinations.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for Cat Haven, with litters of kittens arriving along with lost stray and abandoned cats in large numbers daily so they have a cat for everyone – all different ages, temperaments and colours. Cat Haven in Shenton Park is open every day throughout the holidays.


For all media enquiries contact Chandra Woodley on 0412 115 937 or email

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