Fireworks Can Scare Cats – Take Care of Your Pet on Australia Day

24 January 2017

Keep your cat in for the fireworks, and come adopt another one for only $26! Special adult cat adoption price for 26th and the whole following weekend.

This Australia Day everyone is looking forward to celebrating and watching the fireworks at one of the fantastic sky shows around Perth.

However, what is an amazing show for us can be a loud and terrifying experience for cats, kittens and other pets in the city.

“Many cats are really frightened during fireworks due to the loud noise and cats really need to be kept inside to avoid them bolting in a panic and getting lost.” Cat Haven’s Marketing Officer, Chandra Woodley said.

“It’s really important to keep your cats and kittens secured indoors and out of harm’s way during the fireworks this Australia Day.” Chandra Woodley said. “Make sure your cat has a safe place to hide where it is quiet and it feels protected. They will often go under a bed or in a dark, quiet cupboard when they are scared.” Chandra Woodley said.

“People who aren’t attending the fireworks can comfort their pet by patting it and talking softly or even turn on the TV or radio to mask the noise.” Chandra Woodley added.

Cats that are left outside during the fireworks may become scared and disoriented, and may not be able to find their way home. Sadly Cat Haven has had incidents in the past of cats becoming lost on Australia Day and finding themselves in the shelter in the following days.

Cat Haven has over 300 cats and kittens up for adoption at their shelter and they are having a special Australia Day promotion through Australia Day and the weekend after, where all adult cats are only $26 for the 26th!

If your cat goes missing during the Australia Day fireworks, contact Cat Haven in Shenton Park, or check with your local council.


Contact Chandra Woodley 0412 115 937 for further information.


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