Kittens Found in Garbage Bag - Cat Haven Now Full

18 December 2014

Date: 18 December 2014

Kittens Found in a Garbage Bag Handed into Cat Haven – Cat Haven Now Full

Two scared and hungry kittens have been found along with their mother, dumped in a rubbish bag by the side of a lake in a local park in Perth.

The good Samaritan who found them took them home and contacted her local council ranger who brought them into Cat Haven where they are being looked after and will be adopted out when they are old enough.

The kittens were found by a lady whilst she was walking in a park in Atwell, where at first she saw what looked like a rubbish bag dumped near to the edge of a lake. On closer inspection, she saw the bag move and when she undid the plastic bag, she found three cats inside.

Cat Haven’s Ranger said “We don’t know how they ended up there, but they are obviously pets as they are easy to handle. We’re asking people to be on the lookout in case any boxes, bins or bags contain kittens and to contact their council or Cat Haven if they need help.”

“Sadly at this time of year, the height of kitten season, many poor mother cats and kittens are dumped all over the Perth metro area, in parks, industrial areas, laneways etc and they nearly all end up at our shelter. Cat Haven is bursting at the seams with over 320 cats on site and another 550 cats and kittens in foster care that will be returning to Cat Haven soon, so we are in crisis already this season.” Chandra Woodley, Marketing Officer at Cat Haven said.

“We are in a desperate situation at the shelter now and we are running out of options. We are asking people to postpone surrendering their cat as we just don’t have room.” She said.

To try to relieve the pressure, Cat Haven has introduced a 2 for 1 special on cats and kittens – only $180 for two kittens and $49 for two adult cats, and ‘Golden Oldies’ (cats over 7 years) are available for just the cost of a donation. The adoption packages include sterilisation, micro-chipping and vaccinations.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for Cat Haven, with litters of kittens arriving along with lost stray and abandoned cats in large numbers daily so they have a cat for everyone – all different ages, temperaments and colours.

It costs thousands of dollars a week to keep the cats at Cat Haven and as a charity, they are asking people who can’t adopt a cat to consider temporary fostering or to please donate to help keep the hundreds of unwanted cats in the shelter.


For all media enquiries contact Chandra Woodley on 9442 3600 or 0412 115 937


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