Bequests to Cat Haven

13 October 2013

Bequests to Cat Haven -  Leave a Lasting Legacy for Your Loved Ones.

Perhaps a cat has played an important part in yours or a loved one's lives. Or you simply care about animal welfare.

Why not leave a lasting legacy by considering Cat Haven in your will? As a charity, we rely heavily on bequests as a donation to help us continue to run the shelter.

Cats play as essential role for many people, providing companionship and affection. For many older people, their cat is the sole reason for their existence.

For nearly 50 years now, Cat Haven has been at the forefront of Cat Welfare in WA. We are the only 'Open Admission' shelter in WA and we never say No to any cat, no matter how full we are, or the condition of the cat. Over the years, we have taken in tens of thousands of cats, and have rehomed many. In addition to the shelter, we operate a Ranger Service, collecting stray and abandoned cats - a job NOBODY else has done. We provide a low cost on-site cat desexing clinic - we believe that no one should be denied the companionship of their much loved cat, simply due to financial hardship.

We have lobbied for years for the introduction of State wide cats laws - which would ensure all cats are sterilised prior to being able to breed. These laws are soon to be enforced, and now we enter a new phase of cat welfare. Our current site which has served us well for 40 years needs to be rebuilt.

We need to provide a more enriching environment for the cats entrusted to our care, as well as increase our holding capacity.

All of the costs of running our services have to be raised by us each year. We receive minimal government funding to operate any of our services and we have to rely on the generosity of the general public to operate.

Why not leave a lasting legacy by considering Cat Haven in your will.

A will makes your wishes clear, leaves nothing to chance and allows you to provide as you choose.  It also gives you the opportunity to leave a lasting gift in the form of a bequest.

We understand that family and friends are at the foremost of your thoughts when considering these decisions. Perhaps though, when you have provided for loved ones, you could consider assisting long term cat welfare in WA via a bequest to Cat Haven. We can also make arrangements for us to care for and rehome your cat.

Please speak to us at Cat Haven and we recommend that you take advice from your legal advisor, Public Trustee or other professional will maker whilst making your will.

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