Christmas Appeal - Help Angel Find a New Home for Christmas

12 December 2016

This Christmas ‘Angel’ Needs Your Help! Click here for pictures of Angel and info sheet

Please Donate to help little Angel recover in time for Christmas. This sweet tabby cat thought she had wings when she fell off the balcony of a high rise apartment building and broke her pelvis.

Earlier this year, our Ranger was contacted by the City of Perth with a distress call from an apartment block in East Perth, to come and rescue a cat that was stuck behind the cement casing covering a stormwater drain. The ground floor resident thought that he had heard a noise in the middle of the night and suspects that Angel had fallen into his courtyard from a much higher apartment balcony. Frightened and injured, Angel then squeezed herself to hide behind the cement casing overnight.

“We had to drill large holes in the cement to be able to get her out and she was very distressed, bleeding, and in a lot of pain.” Cat Haven’s Ranger Veronica said.

Angel was in shock and was rushed straight to the Vet Clinic at Cat Haven who assessed her condition and administered immediate pain relief and intravenous fluids. After performing x-rays, it was discovered that she had a badly broken pelvis from the fall.

Luckily this type of pelvic break in a cat doesn’t need to be operated on and will heal well with plenty of cage rest. So Angel needs to be placed into foster care, intensively monitored, given enemas, good nutrition and pain relief throughout her recovery, then re x-rayed again after 6 weeks.

She is a lovely natured cat and we want the very best for her after such a traumatic experience. This type of vet care, medication, x-rays and fostering costs Cat Haven thousands of dollars. Please donate here to help towards Angel’s medical care so she is well enough to find a new home for Christmas!

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