Cat Custodian Service - We will look after your cat if you pass away

After You’re Gone, We Promise To Be There For Your Cat.

Cat Custodians is a service provided by Cat Haven aimed at giving you peace of mind if you are concerned about what might happen if you pass away before your cat.

Cat Haven Cats Custodians Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering asking us to take care of your cat, we understand that you’re likely to have a few questions about our Cat Custodians service. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked:

How much does the service cost?

The Cat Custodians service is free of charge however, we anticipate that you will choose to leave us a gift in your Will, as a way of saying thank you for promising to make arrangements for the care of their feline friend.

Gifts in Wills are vital to the work of Cat Haven and any gift could make an incredible difference to the lives of the cats and kittens we help in future.

How many cats are you willing to look after as part of the scheme?

Whilst we don’t have a formal limit on the number of cats we will take into our care, there are obvious difficulties in finding space at short notice for a large number of cats. If you have more than four cats, please get in touch to speak with us about your circumstances.

What if I get a new cat?

Once you have registered with our Cat Custodians service, we will promise to look after any cat(s) you may have when you pass away, not just the ones you have when you register. However, any updated information about your cats is always useful, as it ensures we can provide the best possible care for them when the time comes.

How do I register with the Cat Custodians service?

Firstly, just complete the registration form found in our Cat Custodians Brochure here and return it to us at Cat Haven. If you have more than one cat, please use a continuation form to register any additional cats. Cat Profile form can be downloaded here and Cat Surrender Form here.

Once we receive your form we will ensure that this information is included on our database.

We will then send you out your notification items (wallet card, notification form), which you can use to alert your friends and family to the fact you have registered to the Cat Custodians service.

You will need to make sure you include instructions in your Will that confirms you would like Cat Haven to look after your cat(s) in the event of your death. Our suggested clause for this is: My Executors should contact Cat Welfare Society t/as Cat Haven (Licensed Charity Number 17686) 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, WA, 6008 to arrange for the care of any cats that I may own at the time of my death

How would you find out that I’ve died?

Once you register with our Cats Custodians scheme you should let your family, friends, neighbours and the executors of your Will know that you have made arrangements for Cats Haven to care for your cats in the event of your death.

Furthermore, we will provide you with a wallet card, which can be kept on you at all times, and a notification form, that can be kept with your personal documents. These items have all of our relevant contact details, and have space to put down information about your cats too.

What will happen once you have been informed of my death?

As soon as we are informed that someone who is registered with our Cat Custodians service has died, our support teams will liaise with our local staff and volunteers to make arrangements for the immediate care of the cats in question as a priority.

Once in our care, all cats will get a thorough professional vet health check as well as vaccination, sterilisation and micro chipping as appropriate.

What happens if my family offer to take the pet?

Our Cat Custodians service is to cover eventualities where alternative provisions cannot be made for your cat’s care. If a family member or friend is subsequently willing to offer your cat the care it needs, then we will explore that option first, providing it is in the best interest of your cat.

Will my cat be rehomed or kept by Cat Haven?

You can rest assured that we will never give up trying to find your cat a loving new home, no matter how long it takes. Once in our care your cat will be subject to our normal policies and procedures, including sterilisation, vaccination, micro chipping and adoption or fostering.

Can you care for my cat but not rehome it?

At Cat Haven we believe that finding a loving new home is the best thing for the cats in our care, no matter how long it takes. We would ensure that any potential new home matches your cat’s individual needs and requirements. We appreciate that some cats are harder to rehome than others – but you can rest assured that we never put a healthy Cat Custodian registered cat to sleep, no matter how long they stay with us before we find them a home. The welfare of cats in our care is paramount to Cat Haven and only if your cat shows signs of extreme pain or has a serious illness that cannot be cured, would be consider making the decision to humanely euthanise your cats.

Can you rehome my cats together?

If you wish for your cats to be rehomed together, you should mention this to us. Although we cannot guarantee that this will be possible, we will do everything we can to honour your wishes.

In every event, we always do what is in the best interests of the cats in our care. If trying to find a single owner for more than one cat results in them spending longer than necessary in one of our branches or centres, then we would have to review the situation. However, in the vast majority of cases it is often understood that is better to keep these cats together and we pride ourselves on being able to find them a loving new home with this in mind

Do you assess the suitability of potential new owners?

To ensure we are finding the cats in our care the right home, we have a comprehensive procedure, which includes a series of questions about the lifestyle, home location, council requirements, other pets and family members in the household.

How do I ensure my wishes are acted upon?

As part of the registration process we ask that you include a clause in your Will about these arrangements. Our suggested clause for this is: My Executors should contact Cat Welfare Society t/as Cat Haven (Licensed Charity Number 17686) 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, WA, 6008 to arrange for the care of any cats that I may own at the time of my death.

Your executor will be the person responsible for carrying out your wishes, so we further recommend that you inform them of the arrangements you have made with us and provide them with the contact details found on the materials we provide.

What happens if I just have an emergency, rather than pass away?

As terrible as these situations are, Cat Haven simply doesn’t have the capacity to take in an individual’s cats on a temporary basis. As a charity, we rely entirely on the funding of our incredibly kind and generous supporters and our resources are stretched further and further every year, making provisions such as these are rarely possible.

In situations such as these, we recommend you start by checking your pet insurance policy as some insurers will pay for the cost of boarding fees when an owner is hospitalised.

It is also very important that you ensure that your cat’s vaccinations are always up to date in case they need to go into boarding urgently as this is a requirement in our Boarding facility.