Off-site Volunteering

Thank you so much for your desire to help Cat Haven and the many needy felines we provide shelter for every day of the year. Unfortunately, if you are under the age of 18 years we won't be able to have you assisting us on-site; this is because our insurance doesn't cover you until you are over this age.

But please don't let that dampen your enthusiasm to lend a hand! We have compiled the following list of fantastic things you can do in your own time to help us along.

Gathering bedding

Cat Haven relies exclusively on donations from the public to keep our cats warm and comfortable - we need clean towels, sheets, pillow cases, furry blankets, bunny rugs and anything else that can be easily washed and cut to the relevant size. (We can't use pillows, cushions, quilts, electric blankets, carpet, foam or anything non-washable).

Creative fundraising

Pop your thinking cap on and come up with some great ways to raise money for Cat Haven; we receive no support from the government and rely exclusively on donations from the public to keep our doors open so we can continue offering refuge to the needy cats of Perth. In the past, people have done things like held bake sales and garage sales and donated the proceeds to Cat Haven. I'm sure you can think of a fantastic idea!

Foster caring

We always need families to come on board and assist us by caring for cats and kittens at home for a short period.

Advertising cats

There are always a number of extra-needy adult cats here who we advertise on 'Adopt Me' Posters that can be displayed on noticeboards at schools, sporting clubs, local shops and anywhere else you can think of. Someone who sees one of the posters you put up may be the person who offers that cat a loving forever home - that can mean the difference between life and death! If you would like to distribute posters, please ring Cat Haven on 9442 3667 and let us know so we have some printed for you to collect. Or, even better, e-mail Click here to email, and we can send them to you via e-mail for you to print and display.

Sponsor a kennel

Every kennel at the Haven is available for sponsorship; a $450 personal / $750 Corporate annual sponsorship will make a substantial contribution towards the care and feeding of all the cats who stay in that kennel. This is a 100% tax deductible donation and we also include a plaque with a message of your choosing that is displayed on the kennel for 12 months as well as a certificate of thanks for you to keep. This could be a great fundraising project for your class at school, your local scout group or similar!

Assist with Street Appeal

One day each year (usually in October) is Cat Haven's annual 'shake a tin' day, when volunteers commit to a couple of hours on the streets of Perth, accepting donations to help the cats. This usually raises several thousand dollars but the more volunteers we have the more money we will make. Street Appeal is held just on the cusp of breeding season, the busiest time of the year, so this money is vital to help care for the 3 000 or so unwanted kittens we receive between November and February. We strongly encourage volunteers to work in groups and to shake their tin in busy areas such as train stations, to maximise donations and minimise risks. Maybe your Mum or Dad would be happy to supervise a 'team' of yourself and your classmates? Please contact Cat Haven by e-mail at as soon as you can if you think you can assist with Street Appeal.

Toy Making

As you would know if you have your own cats at home, felines are inquisitive and intelligent animals. While they seem to spend much of their time snoozing, they also very much enjoy games like stalking prey (even if their 'prey' is simply your shoelace!), pouncing on anything that moves, lazing in the sun and watching the world go by. These activities all provide mental stimulation which mimics the hunting behavior of  the Cats' wild ancestors. Sadly, for the cats and kittens at the Cat Haven who are kept confined to kennels while they wait for their new families to come and adopt them, there are very few opportunities for them to engage in this kind of behavior. This can leave the cats bored and unstimulated, eventually making them depressed and harder to re-home. So our challenge for you is to design some toys that we can offer the cats, to help improve their general quality of life whilst they are in Cat Haven's care. Of course there are plenty of commercially produced cat toys available to us, but these come at a cost. So let your creativity shine, and make some cats happy!

Spread the word!

This may well be the most important thing of all. Make sure all your friends and family, class-mates and teachers, sports coaches, neighbours-everyone you know really - knows about Cat Haven and the work that we do. Know someone looking for a cat or kitten - we always have plenty! What about if you have a friend who lets their cat breed every year? Let them know that not only are they contributing to the terrible problem of over-population and unwanted kittens, they are also putting their cat at risk of serious health problems by not sterilising her. There's lots of other information you can share with people - don't hesitate to contact Cat Haven for information hand-outs on a variety of topics relating to responsible cat ownership.

These are just some suggestions of great things Cat Lovers can do to help us without ever having to set foot in the kennels. If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact us by e-mail at , give us a ring on 9442 3605 or stop in and say hi!